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RTAC VI | Regional Trauma Advisory Committees (RTAC)


Region VI RTAC Mission, Vision and Goals


The mission of the Region VI Trauma plan and committee is to reduce the burden of trauma through injury prevention efforts focused on injury data and statistics specific to Region VI. To ensure the right patient gets to the right hospital with the resources necessary to provide appropriate definitive care in the shortest amount to time and when injured, that victims of trauma receive care across the continuum from pre-hospital through rehabilitation that is of the highest quality to ensure the best possible outcome.


The Region VI plan and committee will provide leadership regarding the care of trauma patients within the region and across regional and state boundaries where appropriate.


Reduce the number of preventable deaths; Improve outcomes from traumatic injury; Reduce medical costs through appropriate use of resources.


Provide oversight and guidance for system evaluation, education and training programs, and public education and prevention strategies; Monitor availability of resources, assure compliance with system standards, and work in conjunction with the State Office of EMS & Trauma (OEMS&T) to develop a process for review of trauma care; Evaluate trauma patient outcomes at a system level; Ensure that resources within Region VI and those appropriate resources surrounding Region VI are fully incorporated into the Trauma Plan to enable access to care when needed; Analyze the impact and results of the system and make recommendations for change as appropriate to assure quality outcomes.

Region VI RTAC Membership and Subcommittee Assignments: as of 17 January 2012


Hospital Members

  • Jane Echols: Chief Operating Officer, Wills Memorial Hospital
  • Ralph Randall: CEO Jefferson Hospital (Vice Chair)
  • Jim Cruickshank: President and CEO Trinity Hospital of Augusta

EMS Members

  • Gary Pinard: Chief, Screven County EMS
  • Courtney Terwilliger: Director, Emanuel County EMS
  • Dan Gates: Gold Cross EMS ground and air

Physician Members

  • Colville Ferdinand: Chief, Trauma and Critical Care, Georgia Health Science Medical Center (Chair)
  • Robyn Hatley: Director, Pediatric Trauma, Georgia Health Sciences Children’s Medical Center
  • Harry (Tripp) Wingate: Chair, American College of Emergency Physicians Section of Rural Emergency Medicine

Nurse Members

  • Debra Burch: Hospital Nurse Practitioner, Burke Medical Center
  • Elizabeth Nesmith, PhD, RN

EMSC Member

  • Natalie Lane: Pediatric Emergency Room Physician and Chair EMSC

At Large Members

  • Tanya Simpson: Assistant Vice President Burn Care Services, Doctors Hospital
  • Pamela Tucker: Director, Columbia County Emergency and Operations Division
  • Cathy Robey-Williams: Division Director for Emergency Services, Critical Care & Medicine, Aiken Regional Medical Center
  • Elliot Price: Chair, Community Awareness and Emergency Response
  • Ketty Gonzalez: District Health Director Region VI


Education Committee
Tanya Simpson – Chair
Robyn Hatley
Debbie Burch
Susan Putnam
Robert Rosier
Rene Hopkins

Performance Improvement Committee
Elizabeth NeSmith – Chair
Jane Echols
Cathy Robey-Williams
Vibha Kumar
Ketty Gonzalez

Guidelines Committee
Courtney Terwilliger – Chair
Natalie Lane
Colville Ferdinand
Blake Thompson
Michael Hawkins
Jonathan Adriano
Richard Schwartz

Trauma Communications Center
Ralph Randall – Chair
Dan Gates
Gary Pinard
Ernie Doss
SC EMS rep

Regional Trauma Resources Committee
Pam Tucker – Chair
Jim Cruickshank
Elliott Price
Trip Wingate
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