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RTAC V | Regional Trauma Advisory Committees (RTAC)


REGION V RTAC Mission, Vision, and Goals


The mission of the Region 5 Trauma Plan and RTAC is twofold. First, they aim to reduce the burden of trauma through injury prevention efforts focused on injury data and statistics specific to Region 5 and other regional plan participants. Second, they will strive to ensure that victims of trauma receive care across the continuum from pre-hospital through rehabilitation that is of the highest quality to ensure the best possible outcome.


The Region 5 Trauma Plan and RTAC will provide leadership regarding the care of trauma patients within the region and across regional and state boundaries where appropriate.


  • Reduce the number of preventable deaths
  • Improve outcomes from traumatic injury
  • Reduce medical costs through appropriate use of resources.


  • Collaborate with participating agencies and organizations to provide oversight and guidance for system evaluation, education and training programs, and public education and prevention strategies.
  • Work in conjunction with the State Office of EMS & Trauma (OEMS&T) to monitor availability of resources, assure compliance with system standards, and to develop a process for review of trauma care.
  • Evaluate patient outcomes at a system level.
  • Analyze the impact and results of the system and make recommendations for change as appropriate to assure quality outcomes.


Hospital Members

  • Chris Hobbs: Emergency Room Manager, Peach Regional Medical Center (RTAC Chair)
  • Robin Carey: Emergency Department Nurse Manager, Jasper Memorial Hospital
  • Melissa Johnson: Chief Nursing Officer, Taylor Regional Hospital

EMS Members

  • Alan Smith: Director, Washington County EMS
  • Dave Borghelli: Director, Houston Healthcare EMS
  • David Edwards: Director, Crisp/ Wilcox County EMS
  • Joe Robinson: Operations Manager, Mid Georgia Ambulance
  • W.J. Cheek: President, Heartland EMS
  • Kelly Joiner: Assistant Director, Medical Center of Central Georgia EMS
  • Richard Lee: Director, Upson EMS

Physician Members

  • Delanor Doyle: Emergency Physician, Medical Center of Central Georgia
  • Benjamin Christie: Trauma and General Surgeon, Medical Center of Central Georgia
  • John Rogers: Emergency Physician, Coliseum Health System
  • Rogelio Delacruz : Pediatric Intensivist, Medical Center of Central Georgia
  • Joshua B. Glenn: Pediatric Surgeon, Medical Center of Central Georgia

Nurse Members

  • Amy Helms: Emergency Room Nurse Manager. Upson Regional Medical Center
  • Lynn Grant: Emergency Room Nurse Manager. Taylor Regional Hospital
  • LeAndrea Lopez: Emergency Room Nurse Manager, Monroe County Hospital

Trauma Center Representative

  • Debra Kitchens: Trauma Program Manager, Medical Center of Central Georgia

EMSC Member

  • Brenda Kozar: Chair, Region 5 EMS for Children

At-Large Members:

  • Ronald Norris: Chief, Monroe County Emergency Services
  • David Herrin: Business Development Manager, Air Methods
  • Stephen West: Program Manager, Air Evac
  • Matthew Perry: Director, Monroe County EMA
  • Karen Ebey-Tessendorf: Emergency Preparedness Director, North Central Health District
  • Danny Strandburg: Emergency Management Coordinator, Medical Center of Central Georgia
  • Bo Drinkard: EMS Coordinator/Emergency Manager, Fairview Park Hospital
  • Kim Whitley: Patient Access Director, Medical Center of Central Georgia
  • Terry Cobb: Director, Laurens County EMS/911


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