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RTAC III | Regional Trauma Advisory Committees (RTAC)


RTAC III | Regional Trauma Advisory Committees (RTAC)


To promote, develop, maintain, and further a comprehensive EMS, trauma and acute care system that will meet the needs of all patients through fact based analysis and improvement methods.


To provide a comprehensive and unified trauma system that provides top level care for the community and serves as a leader for the State of Georgia.


In 2007, Senate Bill 60 was passed by the Georgia Legislature creating the Georgia Trauma Commission. This bill authorized the newly created commission to create a trauma system for Georgia and to be accountable and distribute funds provided by the state for the purpose of improved trauma care.

In 2009 the Georgia Trauma Commission approved a strategic plan providing guidance for the future of trauma care in the state. An aspect of this plan was to create Regional Trauma Councils to coincide with the State EMS Regions. Noting
that each region of the state is different in their capabilities and needs, each region was tasked with creating their respective RTACS.

Each RTAC is then assigned the task of completing a trauma plan. This plan begins with an assessment of the needs of the region, followed by the creation of the document. The plan should then be written following guidance given by the
Regional Trauma System Planning Framework document approved by the Trauma Commission in October of 2009.

The plan should be approved at the local level then presented to the Georgia Trauma Commission for final approval. Following this go ahead, the final plan should be used as a template for improving trauma care within the region.

Region III Trauma Plan July 2016

APPROVED by GTC August 18, 2016

Approved 8.18.16_Region III Trauma Plan July 2016[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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