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The Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission (“GTCNC”) would like to say THANK YOU for everyone that applied for the FY 2018 EMS Trauma Related Equipment Grant. As we are still closing out the FY 2018 Equipment Grant cycle, we have received an additional $5,369,908 during the legislative session, which was recommended by Governor Deal for AFY 2018.


The GTCNC has re-authorized the Non-Competitive EMS Trauma Related Equipment Reimbursement Grant (“Equipment Grant”) for AFY 2018 as advised by the EMS Subcommittee on Trauma. These funds will be used to reimburse Zoned 911 EMS agencies for the purchase of Trauma Related Equipment used to equip 911 ambulances. The total amount of equipment grant funds available to be awarded statewide for AFY 2018 is $641,762. The actual reimbursement will be based the total number of 911 ambulances per agency. Our current eligible ambulance count was 1,303 or reimbursement up to $492.53 per ambulance.


Attached please find the following documents:

Attachment A – Grant Application

Attachment B – Instructions for the required notarized affidavit.

Attachment C – Approved equipment lists.

Attachment D – Awards by Region/Service.


The deadline to submit completed grant packets including your agency applications, affidavit and copy of invoice for reimbursement is on or before May 31, 2018. We are requiring a copy of an invoice with the applications during this grant cycle, since we are only asking that you affirm to purchase the equipment and have it placed in service by June 30, 2018.


PLEASE NOTE: We will accept emailed (gtcbusinessops@gtcnc.org) or faxed (706-841-1980) grant packets to begin processing, but MUST have the originals via mail. Applications received after this date will be returned to the sender.  Completed grant packets must be mailed or delivered to:

FY 2018 EMS Equipment Grant: Georgia Trauma Commission

410 Chickamauga Ave, Suite 332 Rossville, Georgia 30741


AFY 2018 GTC EMS Trauma Equip Grant Letter_FINAL

ATT A_AFY 2018_EMS Trauma Equipment Grant Application_FILLABLE

ATT B_AFY 2018_Affidavit_FILLABLE

ATT C_Approved Trauma Care Related Equipment Grant_REVISED MARCH 08 2018

ATT D_AFY 2018 GTCNC Trauma Related Equipment Grant_ROUND 2.xlsx