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ABOUT Georgia Trauma Commission

About Georgia Trauma Commission

In 2007, the Georgia Legislature through Senate Bill 60 established the Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission. The bill charges the Georgia Trauma Commission to establish, maintain, and administer a trauma center network, to coordinate the best use of existing trauma facilities and to direct patients to the best available facility for treatment of traumatic injury and participate in the accountability mechanism for the entire Georgia trauma system, primarily overseeing the flow of funds for system improvement.

Message from the chairman

Dr. Ashley
January 2012


Much has been achieved over the last year with regard to developing our state-wide trauma system. As we move into a new year, I thought a moment of reflection on our accomplishments and rationale for our vision would be appropriate.

It is easy to lose focus when there are so many committees and partners working together to develop something as complex as a state-wide trauma system.
Please consider this as a brief overview of our progress. Since we have several new Georgia Trauma Commission members, I have also incorporated some of the history of trauma regionalization into the discussion to show how we developed our current vision and plan.Click the link below to read Dr. Ashley’s full report:

The State of Trauma – Chairman’s Annual Report